Investigating teachers' and students' perceptions and experiences with ChatGPT



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Tartu Ülikool


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly integrated into educational practices, with tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT offering significant potential to improve teaching and learning processes. This study investigates the perceptions and experiences of middle and high school teachers and students regarding ChatGPT’s use in ESL classrooms. Employing an exploratory research design, qualitative data were collected from fifteen English teachers and thirty-four students from two schools in Tallinn. Findings indicate that teachers view ChatGPT positively for creating lesson materials and facilitating personalized learning despite concerns about academic integrity and over-reliance on AI. Students reported improvements in writing skills, vocabulary, and engagement. However, challenges include writing effective prompts and ensuring AI-generated content accuracy. The study emphasizes the need for teacher training on ethical AI integration.



Artificial Intelligence in Education, ChatGPT, ESL Learning, Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions, Teacher as Researcher, haridustehnoloogia, tehisintellekt, võõrkeeleõpetus, inglise keel, õpetajad, õpilased, hoiakud