„Rohelise“ turundusstrateegia koostamine Ecoprindi näitel

dc.contributor.advisorKiisel, Maie, juhendaja
dc.contributor.authorKuivjõgi, Virge
dc.contributor.otherTartu Ülikool. Sotsiaalteaduskondet
dc.contributor.otherTartu Ülikool. Ajakirjanduse ja kommunikatsiooni instituutet
dc.descriptionGreen marketing is not a well-known area in Estonia yet. Green or environmentallyfriendly products are offered only by a few enterprises; however, they should still use respective marketing communication. At the same time, suspicions of greenwash have occurred in some fields and, despite little experience, consumers are getting sceptical about green products. Hence, in green marketing it is very important to put particular emphasis on communication with target groups in order to ensure consumer confidence. The subject of green marketing has been studied in the University of Tartu by four students. Jürg Sameli (2003) dealt in his bachelor’s thesis with the promotion of green energy as an environmentally safe product. Another paper on green marketing titled Presuppositions of Development of Consumer Habits Based on Estonian Green Energy was prepared by Liina Karo (2004); in the same year Silvia Kübar prepared a bachelor’s thesis on advertisements referring to the natural environment titled Appealing to Nature and Environment in Advertisements. Present paper deals with similar topic as the bachelor’s thesis of Rasmus Pedanik (2007) titled Strategy of Green Marketing Based on the Product Green Print. Pedanik analyses the perception of the marketing communication of the Green Print by the customers of AS Triip. The author of the present paper focuses on the next stage in the analysis and development of the marketing communication of the enterprise providing environmentally safe printed products. The empirical part of the bachelor’s thesis is based on studies conducted during the last three years about the trademark Green Print, and on communication and marketing practices of AS Triip. The studies have been conducted within the subjects of the study programmes of the Department of Journalism and Communication and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The studies were prepared only by the author of the paper, or in cooperation with other students. The theoretical part of this paper is based on works of Donalt A. Fuller, theoretician of green marketing, on green marketing and communication thereof. Green marketing communication has two distinctive goals compared to the conventional approach: one of them is about educating the target groups on environment, and the other is aimed at ensuring the confidence in the organisation and the product. Therefore plays communication in marketing of green products a very important role. As the field of environment is a very specific one, complicated structures cannot be applied to green marketing communication; it is important to make sure that consumers are able to comprehend the information available. The bachelor’s thesis includes an analysis of communication strategies of the company based on the theory by Fuller; the author has proposed solutions considering this analysis and the real market situation. Ecoprint has taken over the main communication strategies of its predecessor AS Triip; however, in terms of concept the organisation has turned from a sales company into a production company, hence the old strategies are not efficient anymore. Besides, marketing communication of AS Triip was not very efficient or well-organised after all. The author in conclusion recommends creating a new mission and vision for this new printing company. The author has pointed out main aspects and core values, which the company’s new identity could rely on. In addition to thorough analysis of the present situation, the last part includes the priorities of the company’s activity, the action plan for green marketing strategy and possible solutions to the central issues at the moment. The paper will be put in practice and it will form a basis for planning the marketing communication strategy of the new company, Ecoprint.en
dc.identifierKuivjõgi, Virge (2008) „Rohelise“ turundusstrateegia koostamine Ecoprindi näitel. Other thesis, Tartu Ülikool.
dc.publisherTartu Ülikoolet
dc.subjectH Social Sciences (General)
dc.subjectsäästev arenget
dc.subjectsäästlik eluviiset
dc.subjectkeskkonnasõbralikud tootedet
dc.title„Rohelise“ turundusstrateegia koostamine Ecoprindi näitelet


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