Effects of using audio-visual materials on the listening performance of secondary EFL learners in Japan



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Tartu Ülikool


This study investigates the impact of audio-visual materials on the listening performance of Japanese secondary EFL learners. Using a quasi-experimental design, 81 first-year high school students were divided into three groups, each exposed to different stimuli: hypervideo, video, and audio. Pre- and post-tests measured the effectiveness of these materials. Results showed no statistically significant improvement in listening comprehension for any group, though the audio group demonstrated the closest approach to significance. These findings suggest that while audio-visual materials may not significantly enhance short-term listening skills, audio-only resources might be more effective for test preparation. The study highlights the need for further research on long-term effects and multimodal integration in EFL education



audio-visual materials, listening performance, EFL learners, multimodal learning, audiovisuaalne õpe|, võõrkeeleõpetus, inglise keel, kuulamine