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The aim of this master thesis is to review most popular ideas on media didactics and to study the possibilities of putting them into practice in primary and secondary schools in Estonia. Considering the fact that media education is a very complicated interdisciplinary field, one planning to contribute to development of media education must consider media theories as well as educational theories and practice. There is now only minimal legal basis for developing media education but the lack of resources and teachers`) skills makes one wonder if the current way of teaching is really sufficient. Constructivist paradigm accepted in our educational system (also supported by national curriculum) is starting to create a beneficial ground for media education starting from first school level (grades I – III). However, the weaknesses of our school system are an overloaded curriculum and the teachers` insufficient about media. The media themes represented in textbooks of I – III school level are too genre centred and neglecting students` own media usage. At the same time the media critical view is not supported. During the research of possibilities on broad integration of media education into other subjects in school levels 1-3 the author of this master thesis has based on an existing real curricula of teachers. The aim of studying the curricula was to find possible integration fields between media education and other subjects. The seminar like working method was very successful, as it supported teachers` interest and motivation towards media education. In the process a a great number of exercises were worked out. Most of them are published by TÜ Kirjastus. The published material includes exercises for better understanding of news and advertisements as well as public and private spheres. There is also a short theoretical part added to every subject and and lots of helping hints for teachers who are willing to modify these excersizes for different subjects and age groups.


H Social Sciences (General), magistritööd